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Financial Courses And

Starting from 1650+(MYR)

  • Number of courses taught by industry experts, these courses can help you to tackle the financial difficulties in business as well as in your personal daily life.
    Expert Teachers
    Unlimited Access

    1- Single course : 1650 MYR
    2- Two courses : 2050 MYR
    3- Five courses : 4900 MYR
    4- Ten courses : 8150 MYR

Detailed Calculations And Calculators

Starting from 3250+(MYR)

  • We can calculate anything for you that you want whether it is your personal debt pay off plan, the amount that you are losing in the interest rate,etc. But it doesn’t stop on just calculation our financial experts also provide their advises on the basis of that calculation which can help you to save thousands of dollars with a little effort. We also provide financial calculators which can be used to calculate different parameters.

Hire Us As a

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  • Hire Us as your mentor and feel a peace of mind, we can advise you in different fields related to your personal and business needs. Our role is to clarify the needs, concerns, opportunities and goals of our clients, we then apply the insights and education we have gained after having an in-depth level of analysis and finally we work in correspondence with you. We coach, mentor and provide financial advice at each stage.

Financial Negotiation

Starting from

  • We have professional negotiators which can help you to negotiate at the interpersonal level as well as at organizational and societal level. We have years of experience in it,we have made and designed some material/courses/guides in such a way that it can help every individual in enhancing their skills and with the proper guidance of our experts they can master this art of negotiation which will help then in their daily as well as business life.

Consultancy Services

Starting from

  • According to us every individual needs a personal financial advisor/consultant which can help those people who have significant financial resources and a complex investment portfolio. These services include investment advice, taxation planning, retirement planning, income management, interest management, debt management, risk assessment and long-term planning. These issues must be actively managed by a professional to obtain maximum benefit with the lowest amount of risk possible.